Why Utah?

An Unreached People Group

There’s a category in missionary work often used to identify the most under-reached areas that exist on the face of the planet. In order for a group of people to be considered “unreached” there needs to be fewer than 2% Evangelical Christians.

Many think of these groups as existing exclusively overseas, however that is most certainly not the case. The state percentage of Evangelicals in Utah is a jaw-dropping 2.3%. This makes Utah the least reached state in the US.

Utah desperately needs more Christians and churches.

Loving Utah* helps facilitate the survival of church plants in Utah as well as provides leadership to see them thrive and multiply.  We want to see the establishment of hundreds of more Christian churches, and the number of disciples increase dramatically in our lifetime.  We'll do this by helping churches and church planters grow healthy, sustainable church models.

But what can YOU do to help?

Pray has the power to change things. We're asking you to join our 7 Days of Prayer, where you will learn more about the Loving Utah movement and how you can make a difference here.  We believe that as we pray, Christ will be glorified, and we'll see God bring laborers into this desperate mission field.  Will you join us in our efforts to bring the Gospel to Utah?