Day 1

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Thank you for taking the time to join pray4utah.  Today starts your journey of learning more about the people, the pastors, and the difficulties we face on this mission field.  We need prayer warriors who will join us in our efforts.  

Here in Utah, we are praying for God to break through the spiritual darkness.  This is a picture of me and Steve Andrews of Kensington Church, as well as Pastors from all over Utah laying hands on new church planters at our last gathering in October, 2017.   

Would you join us and pray for Utah for the next 7 days?  I will send you an email each day with a request and a short video.

Utah is the most Gospel deprived state in our country.  It's estimated that 90% of LDS people in Utah have never met a Christian or have ever had a Christian explain the good news of Jesus to them.  That's why it is so critical that we have healthy, thriving churches in Utah so that we can move from 2% followers of Christ to 4%-8%-16% and beyond!  We are in need of prayer and financial support from partners like you.  

Watch Vaughn's story and then take time to pray for the people of Utah! 

Have a great day!

Dave Elshaug
Director & Vision Catalyst
for the Loving Utah Network




He's one of my best buddies and he grew up in Polygamy (yes that's still a thing) an had a hard time understanding God's grace.  An estimated 50-100K people live under the control of polygamist cults and false prophets.  We are making inroads in many ways. Hear his struggle to understand the gospel and the change Jesus made in his family's life! 



Many people in Utah are trapped in generational religion.  Utah has the highest teen suicide rate in the nation, and highest use of anti-depressants. We have a large population of people living in polygamy, refugees from all over the world, and many homeless.  Addiction is a major issue here. 

PRAY that the Christian churches can bring a message of hope in a way that shines the light of Jesus in places of spiritual darkness.  That many new disciples will be raised up and impact Utah in a greater way.


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